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Android Prototype Development 12/02/2013

Android Prototype Development 12/02/2013

My focus recently has been on developing a scaled down version of genes1s CAD, but based on Android/Java technology.

This has most certainly been a very exciting time. Initially I was very worried about using Java, having been developing in C/C++ for approx. 26 years – however I have been pleasantly surprised. The speed of development has been excellent and with Java and C++ being ‘close’, it has not been that difficult at all.


Android itself has been a bit of a learning curve, especially with all the various API versions that need to be supported (or not as the case might be). It came as a pleasant surprise, that my development prototype, ran without any problems on a Sony Ericson Experia (about 2 1/2 years old) and also a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1!