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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Android Prototype Development 12/02/2013

Android Prototype Development 12/02/2013

My focus recently has been on developing a scaled down version of genes1s CAD, but based on Android/Java technology.

This has most certainly been a very exciting time. Initially I was very worried about using Java, having been developing in C/C++ for approx. 26 years – however I have been pleasantly surprised. The speed of development has been excellent and with Java and C++ being ‘close’, it has not been that difficult at all.


Android itself has been a bit of a learning curve, especially with all the various API versions that need to be supported (or not as the case might be). It came as a pleasant surprise, that my development prototype, ran without any problems on a Sony Ericson Experia (about 2 1/2 years old) and also a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1!

Welcome to the CAD Essence Blog. We will keep you updated with our latest developments on genes1s CAD and related products. The recent emphasis has been on the development of a new Android Smartphone/Tablet version of the system.


Watch this space!!!